Buckley/Chadwick apply for planning permission to Dublin City Council

Buckley/Chadwick apply for planning permission to Dublin City Council

New plans for the Buckley Chadwick site have been lodge to Dublin City Council.  Wednesday 22nd May 2024 is the last day to make observations. Follow the like below for futher details of the development and where to make an observation



Suggestions for Objections/Observations on LRD6044/24-S3A



Density of the development. This is over densification of the northern part of Santry following on from The Swiss Cottage, Santry Place which have been built and Omniliving approved but yet to be built. It is too much with no plan for transition of the area.


Traffic is already chaotic at times. Access to the Omni Shopping Centre is already severely delayed at weekends. The exit onto Swords Road for City Centre bound traffic will be used (as currently) as a short cut because the exit is not designed to eliminate a right hand turn. It needs to be reconfigured.


Public transport is insufficient for the area. There are no city centre bound buses originating at this end of Santry. This means that all buses are shared with Dublin Airport users and with Dublins largest commuter town Swords. There is no certainty on the implementation of a bus connects corridor for the area.


There are long waiting lists for creche spaces in the area. Any new large residential development should incorporate creche spaces sufficient to meet the needs of the residents of the development.


There is no reason for a 13 storey development on the site which is out of keeping with the nature of a suburb. It is only going to this scale for a return for the developer and in doing so is in breach of density guidelines. It should be scaled sown.


Development of this scale is not appropriate for this part of the city boundary.


There are insufficient school places in the area. The residents of Northwood in Fingal consume significant school place numbers and that population is expanding rapidly with their building programme. Anymore large scale development, such as this, should be approved in conjunction with the department of education

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